Arizona Chapter
American Concrete Institute

Certification Program 
Terms and Conditions

By registering for a certification program administered by the Arizona ACI Chapter you understand and agree to the following:

You are responsible for attending the sessions scheduled or for making arrangements to reschedule in advance to avoid fees and penalties. If you need to re-schedule, you must call 480-966-2213 at least 10 days in advance. Changes with less than 10 days notice will incur a $100 rescheduling fee. No shows will forfeit their entire registration fee and will be required to re-register.

There is no charge to substitute a different person as long as the book(s) and other materials are forwarded by you to the new attendee.

If you cancel your registration and want a refund, you must return the book(s) that were sent to you when you registered (except for inspector programs for which books cannot be returned). You are responsible for shipping the book(s) back to us and paying the postage. If you do not return the books in like new condition within 10 days of cancelation, we will refund your registration fee less the following amounts:

  • For Field Testing Tech Grade 1, Strength Testing Tech, or Finisher Certifications - $100
  • For Aggregate and Lab Tech Certifications - $100
  • For any Spanish language books - $100
  • For Tilt-up Supervisor books - $125
  • For the Concrete Construction Special Inspector (CP-21PACK) - These books cannot be returned - You will be charged $250 for these books if you cancel this course.
  • For the Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector (CP-31PACK) - These books cannot be returned - You will be charged $375 for these books if you cancel this course.

If you loose your book(s) prior to the program start, you can purchase additional copies at the above listed prices.

Your assigned start time is listed in your confirmation letter/email and may be different than other people attending on the same day. Please show up at your scheduled start time or you may be denied entry! The ending time listed above is approximate. You must dress appropriately and bring the following items to all review and testing sessions:

  • Photo ID, This Confirmation Notice, #2 Pencil, Calculator (Standard – no phones or PDA’s)

These sessions utilize plastic Portland Cement Concrete which can be hazardous to your skin and eyes. You must wear appropriate clothing and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) or you may be turned away and not permitted to participate. If you are turned away on the day of the session for not wearing appropriate clothing and/or PPE you will be required to pay a $100 fee to reschedule. Specifically, you are required to bring the following items:

  • Proper PPE including: Rubber Gloves, Safety Glasses w/shields, Steel toe work boots, Hardhat

There are no free re-tests. If you fail an exam you must register for a re-test session and pay the current fee (currently $150).

If special accommodations are required per applicable ADA laws, they must be made in writing at least 20 days prior to the event to allow us time to fill the request. Please note that we cannot accommodate injuries or other temporary conditions that may prevent you from completing the performance exams. If you are unable to complete the performance exams due to a condition that is not covered under the ADA Laws you must cancel or reschedule in advance in order to avoid forfeiting your registration fees. Special accommodations under this sections cannot be made if we are not given proper notice.


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